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You’ve fallen through a time portal and find yourself in 1971 at Quest Camp, deep in the heart of the Freaky Forest - the UK’s most cursed forest. Luckily, Camp Captain Jenny has a magic whistle which stops the curse and keeps everyone at camp safe; but - oh no! The whistle is missing! Can you survive the Freaky Forest and find Captain Jenny’s whistle before nightfall?


Aimed at ages 6+, Select A Quest is brimming with silliness, heart and humour. With 27 scenes and multiple paths to choose from, once you start it will be hard to leave!

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The team at Pins and Needles set themselves the challenge of creating a makeshift interactive adventure for families in lockdown. Select A Quest was scripted, filmed, edited and published in only 72 hours!




★ ★ ★ ★

"Select a Quest is a clever interpretation of theatre and surprisingly addictive"

Theatre Weekly

Jessica Temple
Jess loves to play silly characters and dress up in costumes with funny walks and different accents, but more than that, she loves to have a laugh!
Anna Wheatley
Anna is an actor, writer and musician. Her favourite lockdown activity has been writing and recording Spanish pop songs for her 5 year old nephew.
Harry Humberstone
Harry is a Cumbrian theatre maker, cabaret and drag artist based in Bristol. He runs regular drag night, The Shade Pullers & Lash Stackers Social Club, and co-directs theatre company, Bad Vs Evil.
Caroline Garland
Caroline has always loved doing silly voices, pulling faces, and pretending to be someone she is not. She feels very lucky that she gets to be creative every day for her job.
Simon Yadoo
Simon is Britain's number one hand model. All this clapping and washing has really been a challenge, so he thought he'd try acting instead. He takes himself very seriously indeed.
Alison Fitzjohn
Alison has been an actress and professional face puller for 20 years! (She is soooo old) She lives in Gert Lush, Bristol and enjoys chatting to her pet tropical fish!
Timothy O'Hara
Tim is an actor whose only audience for the last 8 weeks has been his 3 year old son. Tim has been perfecting his Italian and his cooking during lockdown - he makes delicious spaghetti and meatballs.
Robin Hemmings
Robin Hemmings is an actor. He plays the guitar and likes to perform funny plays and stories. His favourite colour is yellow because it’s like the sun and makes him happy.
Roxanne Palmer
Roxy has been mucking about and not stopped being silly since she was born and finally ended up getting paid for it. Trained at The Brit School and GSA. She has also worked for Pins & Needles before in Mr Poppers Penguins.
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Select A Quest is free to play but if you would like to donate to support Pins and Needles Productions and our work, please use the Donate button.

You donation will help us to continue creating work for you to enjoy at home until we can get back into theatres once it is safe to do so. Thank you!


Produced by Pins & Needles

Directed by Emma Earle

Art Direction by Zoe Squire

Writen by Bea Roberts

Composed by Jack Drewry

Visual Post by Lee Rayner

Illustrated by Iina Kuula

Marketing by Keshyn Squire & Alice Massey 

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Select A Quest is provided completely free of charge but if you would like to donate to support Pins and Needles Productions please use the Donate button. Thank you!